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About us

Grips Garage is specialized in restoring & servicing British classic and sports cars. Today Grips Garage is one of the leading classic car restorers in Finland. We are also official spare part distributor of Anglo Parts.

British sports cars from 1950-1970's  are our speciality: from Austin-Healy to Jaguar E-Type and from MG T-series all the way to Aston Martins. Nevertheless, we also know European and American luxury cars from pre war era very well.

Our shop is open Monday through Friday from 8.00am to 4.00pm.



Grips Garage is reaching for the future with it's collaboration with Retro EV Ltd.. Now it's possible to experience the classic car feel combined with modern, fossil fuel free electric drivetrain.

Retro EV replaces a vintage vehicle’s complete fossil fuel drivetrain with a robust Nordic-engineered plug-in electric drivetrain featuring a proprietary control and communications system that delivers an exhilarating and authentic driving experience, which can be enjoyed reliably with minimal maintenance.

Click here for more info.



Spare parts

Jukka Kujansuu

Tel. +358 10 292 7420*



Restorations and servicing

Oskari Åvall

Tel. +358 10 292 7421*

Email: oskari.avall(at)


Upholstery shop

Upholsterer Erkki Hakala / Turku

Tel. +358 10 292 7423*

Email: verhoomo(at)

Upholsterer Osku Teitto / Vantaa

Puh. +358 10 292 7424*

Sähköposti: marko.teitto(at)


Grips Garage Oy

Luhtaanmäentie 21

01750 Vantaa


Open mon-fri. 8:00am - 4:00pm


*) Additional charges 8,35 cnt/call + 16,69 cnt/min, land line 8,35 cnt/call + 6 cnt/min (VAT. 24 %)